11 Easy and Beautiful Flowers for the Beginner Gardener

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So, you want to plant flowers to beautify your landscape but are not sure where to start. Perhaps you are brand new to gardening and have never even planted a flower before. No worries, the good news is, there are plenty of very easy to plant and maintain flowers that will bring endless color and interest to your landscape without requiring a lot of knowledge or effort. These are the best flowers for beginner gardeners because they will not disappoint and will give you the confidence to try new and exciting things next season! Let’s take a look at 11 of the easiest flowers for beginner gardeners.


You can’t beat the happy faces and bright colors of sunflowers in any garden.  Planting sunflowers from seeds is super easy because the seeds are large and easy to handle. There is also no shortage of sunflower varieties to choose from, ranging from dwarf size to mammoth and in hues of browns, reds, and gold. Sunflowers are an excellent addition to any garden and often reseed, coming up year after year.


No bright and happy garden would be complete without zinnias. Zinnias are available in every color of the rainbow except blue and also come in a variety of heights. There is great interest in the flowers that may look like pom-poms, spiders, daisies, or even dahlias depending on the variety you choose. Zinnias enjoy full sun, and be sure to space seeds according to package directions for good air circulation. 


Marigolds are a perfect boarder or basket flower and are super easy to plant and care for. Blooming all summer long in hues of red, yellow, and gold, marigolds are often compact, but you can find varieties that grow up to 3 feet in height if you are looking for something taller. As a bonus, marigolds are one of the best natural pest deterrents you can plant. French marigolds will kill whiteflies and bad nematodes. Mexican marigolds will keep destructive insects and rabbits at bay.


If you have a shady spot that needs some uplifting, impatiens will do the trick. Plant these sweet little annuals once you have warmer weather in the spring. Impatiens are particularly pretty when used as part of a bigger container display or when planted in bunches along a walkway. Some impatiens are susceptible to downy mildew. To avoid, try planting ‘Big Bounce’, a new hybrid that likes shade to partial sun. This variety is resistant to downy mildew disease.


If you are looking to attract masses of butterflies to your garden, snapdragons are the ideal flower to plant. Snapdragons are profuse bloomers and come in beautiful colors that draw butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. Plus, these plants are hardy and will often withstand harsh spring and fall weather and keep on blooming.


Daffodils are truly the plant that keeps on giving year after year. Adding color and fragrance to any space, daffodils are really a “plant it and forget it” bulb that rewards you each spring with a brilliant display. Plant these bulbs in a sunny spot in the fall, either in the ground or in containers.


Cosmos are super easy to grow from seed, and these daisy-like annuals will bloom the best in poor soil. They like morning sun but prefer some protection from the afternoon heat in hot climates. Plant bunches of these for a dramatic and flowy effect in any garden space.


If you wish to fill window boxes, hanging baskets, or containers with an easy-to-care-for flower, geraniums may do the trick. Geraniums like sun but prefer a little afternoon shade in hot climates and will bloom profusely from spring until frost. You can even overwinter geraniums inside and enjoy them year after year.

Morning glories

There is not an easier vine to grow then morning glories. These early morning bloomers will quickly cover a fence or a trellis and are super easy to plant from seed. For best sprouting, soak seeds in tepid water overnight before planting. Once they get started, morning glories require no special care and will even reseed year after year, providing many seasons of color.

English lavender

Don’t let the beautiful delicacy of English lavender fool you – this is one hardy plant. This Mediterranean herb is an aromatic delight with beautiful silvery leaves. You can find a variety of sizes of lavender from those suitable for a hedge and more compact varieties.

Licorice mint

Hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators will love the elegant flower spikes of licorice mint that has a spectacular marriage of licorice and mint scents. Beautiful orange flowers sprout up from lavender bases, which add a striking color burst to the landscape. Licorice mint is deer resistant and drought tolerant. 

Happy planting!

-Susan Patterson

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