8 Ways to Create Your Go-to Outdoor Relax Room

Picture yourself in a relaxing oasis with the calming sounds of running water, birds singing, and a breeze blowing in the treetops. The only thing better than relaxing indoors on a beautiful sunny day is to do all that outside, surrounded by nature. But first, you must make your outdoor area look and feel inviting, relaxing and pleasant not just for you but also for your guests and anyone who might want to join you.

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Unique Ways to Capture and Save Water For Your Thirsty Plants

Did you know there are hundreds of gallons of usable water going to waste in your home every day? With a little know-how, you can save much of this wasted water and use it for your garden. Many of these water-wise gardening strategies serve more than one purpose, reducing water usage, improving garden soil, protecting plants, and saving money on your utility bill, too. Here are the best ways to repurpose water that would otherwise go to waste and water your thirsty plants.

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14 Reasons to Grow Sprouts on Your Kitchen Countertop

Sprouts are seeds that have been germinated in water. They form a tiny root and shoot that can be consumed in its entirety. These baby plants are a nutritious food you can grow all year round – no soil needed. Some of the most popular types of seeds to sprout include radish, alfalfa, pea, sunflower, and mung bean. Broccoli sprouts have also become increasingly popular due to their health properties. 

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The 20 Fastest-Growing Foods To Get Self-Reliant Now

If you’re feeling the stress of current events, you’ve probably spared a thought to the security of your food supply. What would happen if there was nothing on the shelves at the grocery store next week? Though that is unlikely to happen, it is still important to be prepared.

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9 Gardening Activities To Keep Kids Busy At Home

Helping in the garden is one of the best learning activities for kids. They can get in touch with nature, indulge their curiosity, and gain self-confidence, all while soaking up the sunshine and getting their hands dirty. Whether or not you’re a keen gardener yourself, you can easily enjoy these simple activities with your little ones. 

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Are These 12 Immune-Boosting “Weeds” Growing in Your Backyard?

If you’re like me, you eagerly await the arrival of spring so that you can escape the house and start gardening again. You probably work hard on your garden like I do – with one of the biggest chores, of course, being weeding. Until recently, I had a serious vendetta against weeds. But then I found out that by obsessively removing all the weeds from the garden, I was actually throwing away valuable produce!

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