What Seed Bombs Are Doing For The Ugly and Barren

What comes to mind when you think of the term “seed bombing?” Perhaps it conjures up mental pictures of masked vigilantes sending floral explosives into barren landscapes. In fact, this vivid descriptor isn’t too far from the truth. This practice of “guerilla gardening” has begun to transform ugly urban plots into forces of nature. Read on to find out exactly what seed bombs are and how they can revolutionize spontaneous gardening.

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7 Facts About Geraniums You Need to Know

These bright, fragrant flowers, are an excellent way to add a burst of color to any porch, patio, terrace, backyard garden or window box. As summer approaches, you may want to consider planting these warm-season bloomers around your outdoor living areas to enjoy their cheery influence and alluring perfume. Before you do, however, here are 7 intriguing facts about geraniums you probably didn’t know.

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7 Flowers You Must Plant if You Want More Bees

When you think of bees, it probably isn’t your first instinct to want to attract more of them to your yard. These striped insects often get a bad rap due to their rather painful natural defense mechanism and are often shoed away from the garden by harsh insect repellents and pesticides.

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5 Beautiful Cut Flowers Everyone Should Grow

There is just something so refreshing and energizing about a vase of beautiful cut flowers. Their aroma fills a room and no matter what the weather, brings joy to any space.  I always have a vase of fresh cut flowers in several places in my house.

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