Top Perennials for Gardening Zone 6

The varied climate in plant hardiness zone 6 offers many benefits for gardeners. Winters are cold but not punishing, summers are hot but not scorching, and the growing season is long enough to support a number of gorgeous perennials.

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Top Perennial Plants for USDA Gardening Zone 7

If you’re a gardener in USDA plant hardiness zone 7, consider yourself lucky. Selecting plants is a whole lot easier where winters are relatively mild, summers are pleasantly warm, and the growing season is long.

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Top Perennials for Gardening Zone 4

Northern climates offer a particular and unique beauty, but the cold winters and short growing seasons present a challenge for gardeners. If you’re a zone 4 gardener, don’t be dismayed; you can select from many beautiful, super-hardy perennials that can tolerate your climate with style and grace.

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Top Perennials for Gardening Zone 5

There’s no doubt that winters with bone-chilling, sub-zero temperatures are challenging, but if you’re a zone 5 gardener, you definitely aren’t alone. A fairly substantial chunk of the United States falls into zone 5, including parts of states as diverse as Alaska, Oregon, New York, Minnesota, and California.   

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Understanding Garden Planting Zones: Why They Matter

Garden planting zones provide valuable information about what plants are appropriate for your region. Although garden zones aren’t set in stone, the helpful guidelines prevent guesswork at the garden store, saving gardeners from a world of frustration and disappointment when perennials don’t survive winter temperatures.

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