What is a Chicken Moat and How to Build One

The concept of a moat to protect a piece of property is not a new one. In medieval times, a wide, deep trench was dug around the perimeter of a castles property and usually filled with water. This ditch or moat served as a unique natural defense system and deterred enemies from approaching the stronghold. This same concept can be applied to the modern garden. However, instead of using depth and water as the natural barrier, you use chickens.

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What is a Keyhole Garden and Why Make One?

Keyhole gardens are a way of integrating several gardening chores for easy management. It includes growing vegetables, watering the beds, and composting garden waste, all at the same time. Pioneered in Africa, keyhole gardening is now a time-tested technique that saves time, space, and minimizes the effort required to maintain a productive garden.  

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