Create Your Very Own Patio Paradise in 7 Easy Steps

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Apartment and condo living is becoming increasingly attractive to persons of all ages. Living small is becoming the new living large as people downsize to accommodate busy lifestyles and a desire to have more freedom. Creating an inviting outdoor space on your balcony or patio is one of the great ways you can increase your living space, especially if you enjoy being outside. Here are some easy and fun ways to own your outdoor space, no matter where you live.

Privacy. Creating some privacy on your balcony is not as difficult as it may seem. A great way to create your own little patio space is to use bamboo poles, zip-tied to your railing, to provide some patio. These are not difficult to source and are usually available at home stores for under $2 each. If bamboo is not your thing, try a fabric screen which can easily attach to your railing. Another option is to install some outdoor curtains that you can shut for privacy when needed.

Flooring. Most outdoor patios are concrete, which does not convey a warm feeling. It is easy to fix this using portable wooden tiles in a variety of colors and sizes. These outdoor wood tiles lock together to create a stable and attractive floor. You can even lay a small outdoor rug on top of your wood tiles for added warmth and color.

Lighting. It is incredible what a few string lights can do for your outdoor space. There are loads of styles and colors to match your patio’s vibe. Depending on your patio, ther are many ways to hang them up. Choose solar options if outdoor electrical is an issue.

Water. A small outdoor fountain will usher in peace and tranquility on your patio. Making a bowl bubbler is easy, and you can use a solar pump that solves issues with electricity. 

Seating. Of course, no cozy patio would be complete without seating. There are a ton of options here, including hammocks, swing chairs, lounge chairs, small tables and chairs, and even big, cozy outdoor bean bags. Find what works well with your patio theme and personal needs.

Plants.  Patio plants are so much fun and can add a real personality to any outdoor space. Depending on your sunlight and the amount of maintenance you want to put into your plants, you can do any number of things. A few potted plants in fun containers of various sizes are a nice touch, as is a taller potted dwarf tree or fruit bush. 

If severe weather or high winds are not an issue in your area, consider some hanging plants that provide beauty and privacy. Taking advantage of vertical space can also be fun. 

If you own your condo, you have more flexibility attaching permanent things to the wall like a wood-like wall planter. If not, you can simply use tall plant shelves and anchor them for security.  Railing planters also look beautiful as long as your railing is sturdy enough to hold them. 

The most important thing when choosing plants for your patio is to get those that will do well in your climate and the amount of light your patio receives. Additionally, if you are busy and don’t have much time to care for plants, choose low maintenance varieties that will look good with even just a little attention.

Fan.  An outdoor fan can make enjoying your balcony space easier if you live in a hot climate. A modern outdoor ceiling fan is a useful addition to any patio space.

Decor items. No outdoor living space would be complete without some of your personality. Choose decor items that work well with the size and theme of your area. Fun ideas include whimsical sculptures, wall art, and outdoor candles. 

When you live in a small space with no private yard, it is essential and healthy to create an outdoor living room where you can get some fresh air, relax and unwind after a busy day. Make your space your own, putting your signature flair where you can enjoy it!

-Susan Patterson

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