How to Store Fresh Fruits and Veggies for Months Without a Refrigerator

Believe it or not, people enjoyed fresh produce for hundreds of years before refrigeration was introduced! You don’t need a fridge to keep food fresh. In fact, refrigeration could actually decrease the lifespan of some fresh produce. Plus, if you want to become self-sufficient, it is a good idea to stop relying on the potentially unstable power grid to keep your harvest fresh and edible, and if you have a large garden, you’ll likely need more space for storage regardless. Here are our favorite tips for storing fruits and veggies without refrigeration and a few methods that will keep your produce good for months on end. 

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Green Tomato Pickling: Why It Rocks and How to Do It

It’s always a sad day when that temperamental wind races through your garden and dislodges unripe tomatoes from the vine. Not to worry! You can turn those tomatoes into yummy pickles with just a few simple steps. Here are our favorite ways to enjoy green tomatoes and give you a delightful snack throughout the winter months. 

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