How to Host a Holiday Plant Party

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Though plant parties are usually reserved for the spring and summer when your backyard is in bloom, and you’re tanned from spending time in the garden, a Christmas plant party is a great way to break up the winter and enjoy some quality time with your best plant-loving friends. Here are our steps to hosting the perfect holiday party…garden style. 

Step 1: Decide which type of party you want to throw

You already know you want to have some sort of plant party with your gardening friends, but this can range anywhere from a plant swap party to a succulent planting party. Determine the size of the group you want to invite and figure out which type of get-together would be most suitable.

Options for a holiday plant party:

Succulent planting

Take clippings of your own succulents or buy small pieces for each of your friends. Provide pots and soil and a way to decorate the pot, such as paint. 

Plant swap

Each friend brings rooted growths of their favorite mature houseplants in small plastic containers. Trade and swap plants as desired, and each person will leave with a new addition to their houseplant collection. You can also do this with outdoor plants, but it may be a little harder in the winter. Have a sheet of plastic to layout on the floor to protect your house from the soil.  

Gift exchange

Instead of swapping plants, have each friend bring a wrapped gift of $20 or under. These gifts should be garden-themed, such as hand tools, pots, gloves, or books about gardening. Feel free to trade and turn the gift exchange into a game. 

Herb party

Herbs are great for growing indoors and are incredibly practical. Instead of planting succulents of another houseplant, give your guests clippings of herbs and a container to decorate. They’ll love the fun crafting activity and will be able to use their fresh herbs in the kitchen all year long.

Terrarium making

Terrariums or fairy gardens make lovely projects that can be put together in around an hour, leaving plenty of time for snacks and socializing. Be sure to provide a glass container, moss, and rocks for the bottom and air plants or succulents to fill it. Little misters or glass spray bottles make great gifts and are excellent party favors. 

Step 2: Send out the invitations

The holidays can be an incredibly busy time for many people. Between shopping for gifts, spending time with family, and attending numerous parties, it seems like December passes in the blink of an eye. Send your invitations out ahead of time and be willing to adjust the date to welcome more people. Print out Christmas and plant themed invitations that include the date, time, and location.

Step 3: Plan the food

Just because your holiday party is plant themed doesn’t mean you can skimp on the snacks. After all, what is a party without some yummy finger foods? Don’t feel obligated to plan a whole meal if you are inviting a large group of people and plan it in the afternoon or after dinner to avoid running into that issue. Have your friends bring their favorite holiday finger food and provide some apple cider and a few other snacks. Be sure to set up the snack table away from any plant tables to avoid getting the food dirty.

Step 4: Decorate

If you haven’t put up your Christmas tree yet, now is the time. Break out your holiday tea towels and welcome mat and hang your favorite wreath on the door. Set out a bowl of festive potpourri or a Christmas candle to really ring in the season.

Step 5: Don’t forget the music

What is a Christmas party without Christmas music? If you’re not tired of it by now, pull out your speaker and play some quiet Christmas music in the background of your party. It will provide ambiance and get everyone in a festive mood. 

Step 6: Avoid overplanning

One of the easiest ways to make your party feel like a slog is to over-plan and try to stuff your gathering with excessive activities. Have a few options available, but let the socialization develop naturally, for the most part. If your group doesn’t know each other very well, you can try playing some fun garden trivia games with small prizes. 

-Susan Patterson

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