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Why Microgreens Are The 
#1 Way To Garden Year-Round

Microgreens are the seedlings of herbs and vegetables. The first stage of growth of a seed is called a sprout. Next, as the sprout begins to grow, a baby plant emerges and is called a microgreen. Depending on what plant they come from, the flavor of microgreens ranges from mild to tangy, spicy, or peppery.

Microgreens contain high levels of:






Microgreens are the most
nutritious indoor food source ever!!

They Contain 40% Plus More Nutrients Than Mature Greens!

This means you can eat just a handful of microgreens daily and get the same nutritional value that you would in a huge bowl of SALAD!!

Microgreens are loaded
with nutrients

These teeny baby plants are loaded with nutrients. In fact, research shows that microgreens have a much higher concentration of nutrients compared to fully mature plants. As you probably know, most vegetables provide a wide array of nutrients. For instance, red cabbage is high in vitamin K and vitamin C, while kale is loaded with vitamin A and vitamin K. The micro versions of these plants are supercharged with the same vitamins – meaning, you get more nutrients for your bite in the micro versions of the adult plants.

This means you can easily boost your daily vitamin and mineral intake quickly without having to eat full servings of adult veggies. In one study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food chemistry, microgreens were found to contain between four and 40 times more nutrients by weight than their fully grown counterparts.

Microgreens can improve heart health 1

There is no doubt, adding more vegetables to your diet is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Research shows that adding microgreens to your diet could help decrease certain heart disease risk factors including obesity, bad cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Microgreens can reduce the risk of chronic disease 2

The long list of health benefits that vegetables provide has been extensively studied. Because microgreens have an enhanced nutritional profile when compared to full-sized vegetables, they share similar and even enhanced benefits. Research shows that vegetable intake is associated with lowering the risk of various types of cancer, including prostate cancer, and other cancers that affect the digestive tract. In addition, eating more veggies has also been known to reduce inflammation, reduce risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Microgreens are easy to grow and convenient

There is no doubt, adding more vegetables to your diet is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Research shows that adding microgreens to your diet could help decrease certain heart disease risk factors including obesity, bad cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Are You Ready To Grow
Microgreens At Home?

There are numerous options for growing microgreens at home, the most popular being rather unattractive plastic trays that are often quite flimsy. I am not a big fan of growing anything in plastic so I went on the search for a growing system that was not only attractive – something that I would happily display on my kitchen counter, but also something that had a sturdy, 100% non toxic growing insert and could grow plenty of greens over and over and over again!!  Guess what?? I could not find anything that matched up..

So, I challenged myself to craft the perfect microgreens
countertop system that could be grown by anyone! Ages 4 to 94!

A system that could safely and easily grow tons of delicious microgreens without being an eyesore!!! A system that was not only practical but also beautiful and mobile! After much planning, research and trial, we created the Instant MicroGrow Starter Kit!


The Instant MicroGrow
Starter Kit

The Instant MicroGrow Starter Kit is the
perfect grow system for feeding your whole family! 

What is in the kit? 

This eco-friendly no-frills kit contains:
  • Reusable and Recyclable 8-ounce Grow Container with Vented Lid
  • Biodegradable Grow Mat for Soil-free Growing
  • BPA - Free Grow Mister
  • Recyclable Wooden Stir Stick
  • Detailed Instructions
  • GMO-free Mixed Radish Microgreen Seeds

This all-in-one kit provides everything that you need to get started growing microgreens. Literally, you just have to lift the lid, follow the simple instructions and you are good to go! Growing microgreens has never been easier. This 100% eco-friendly kit is fun for the whole family to enjoy and a great way for novice gardeners to experience the thrill of growing their own food. Perfect for healthy garnishes, adding great flavor to salads and sandwiches, science experiments and more. Makes a  unique gift, party favor or project with your kids.

There are numerous options for growing microgreens at home, the most popular being microgreen growing kits. Although these kits are widely available, many do not use eco-friendly packaging, products, or high-end NON-GMO-seed. 

When I discovered the MicroGrow Starter Kit it was like a breath of fresh air. This little growing kit is streamlined, offering just what is needed to try microgreens out, and nothing more. It gets the job done with virtually no waste. Tucked neatly inside a 100% recyclable grow cup, this earth-friendly kit is perfect for getting started in your growing journey! If you have never grown microgreens before and are excited to try…. This is the perfect kit for you. 

No Green Thumb or Gardening Gloves Needed

Get Growing In 5 Minutes, No Mess

Pop your starter kit out of the package and in less than five minutes you can be up and growing delicious microgreens with a full harvest in as little as 5-7 days!! This all-in-one kit provides everything that you need to get started growing microgreens in 3 easy steps:

Plant and mist
Cover and sprout
Uncover & Grow Some More!!
There has NEVER been an easier or faster
way to grow indoors all year long!!

There has NEVER been an easier or faster way to grow indoors all year long!!

What Will I Be Growing?

A stunning colorful radish microgreen mixture that looks and tastes great! This non-GMO radish seed mix is super easy to grow, offering and offers a huge yield in a short amount of time. Watch these little seeds grow and harvest at about ten days after germination for best flavor.






Wondering How You Can
Use Microgreens? 

From munching a handful of delicious greens to incorporating them into your favorite smoothies, salads and more, micros are incredibly versatile and can supercharge a meal in a minute. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use microgreens in cooking… Yummy!!

9 Great Reasons To Grow Micros

Micros are quick to grow. Many types can be harvested in as little as 5-7 days

Micros are take up very little space.. They have a very high yield to space ratio.

Micros are require minimal cost, time and effort for a healthy harvest of greens.

Micros are perfect for urban dwellers or those who have no time or space for a conventional garden.

Micros are loaded with unique and intense flavors, textures and living enzymes and nutrients.

Microgreens come in a rainbow of colors and make an excellent garnish.

Micros can be easily grown for profit.

Micros only require a few things to be successful, a good light, a shallow tray, water and a growing medium.

Micros can be ogrown all year indoors and in any climate.

Why Grow Micro In The Instant MicroGrow Starter Kit

This grow system is a NO FAIL growing system! We have set you up for success right out of the gate. Anyone can do this!!!

This grow system is beautifully designed and looks great on your counter or even as a living centerpiece!!

This grow system is simple, an all in one system of growing beautiful microgreens for your family.

There are no plastic parts in the grow system no risk of chemicals or toxins leaching into your greens

This grow system includes biodegradable, 100% natural grow mats that can be composted after use. These mats create a NO MESS growing experience!

Just look at all of our Happy Customers!

“This microgreen starter kit is a perfect introduction to microgreens. Everyone should get one!”

Dr. Kelli Meier

” I have worked with kids for seven years. This is a great way to teach anyone, including kids about the benefit of growing their own food”

Jaryn Leming

“I can’t wait to grow some greens and put them in my juices and smoothies”

Andrea Luna 
from Cravt Juice Bar

Are You Ready?

FOR - No bending or back-breaking work

FOR - No draining the bank for special tools or supplies

FOR - A simple, easy growing solutions to harvest greens in 7 days or less

FOR - A unique and beautiful microgreens growing system that will look beautiful in the kitchen

FOR - A constant supply of fresh, safe and nutrient-dense food 365 days a year

FOR - A growing experience that will change the way you think about growing your own food FOREVER!

But Wait….. 

I also want to give you a FREE e-book copy of my latest book, Mastering Microgreens: How to Easily Grow Nutritious Food 365 Days a Year. This book contains all of the information that you need to know to grow delicious microgreens all year long.

You Will Learn

Just how good microgreens are for your health

Just how many types of microgreens they really are

Step by step instructions on how to grow microgreens

Tips for growing microgreens for profit

Tips for harvesting,washing and storing

And so much more...

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