No Fail Houseplants For Every Room in Your House

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It’s no secret that we adore houseplants here at Backyard Vitality. They clean the air, lift your mood, and bring a taste of the garden right into your living room. In fact, we believe that house is not a home without a few plants scattered across every empty surface. Sadly, many people are scared to get houseplants because they have a “brown thumb” or just “aren’t good with plants.” This list of no-fail houseplants will finally put those fears to bed, help increase your confidence, and allow you to decorate every room in your home with vibrant living decor. 

Quick tips for success

Though these are known as the most popular “no-fail” houseplants, there are still a few basic requirements that any plant needs to survive. 

Water as directed

Most of the plants on this list can deal with a little neglect. In fact, many will die quicker if they get too much water rather than not enough. Follow the watering instructions for each particular plant carefully.

Focus on drainage

Many plants, especially ones from the grocery store, are planted in decorative pots that aren’t exactly designed for drainage. Make sure that all of your plants have drainage holes or gravel in the bottom of the pot to keep water from sitting and waterlogging the roots. You may have to repot. 

Watch out for kids and pets

Kids and pets are curious creatures and tend to eat and knock over things that should probably be left alone. If you have little ones or furry friends running around, keep your plants out of reach and be sure that you don’t bring home anything that could be toxic. 

Best no-fail houseplants


Since it is one of the most quintessential hanging houseplants, you’ve probably seen pothos before without actually knowing the name. This hardy plant makes an excellent statement piece trailing over the edge of a pot on a plant stand, or hanging from the ceiling. Any cuttings can be easily propagated in water to create new plants. 

Spider plants

Though it may seem like your “plant mom” friend is blessed with some sort of magical touch when it comes to keeping houseplants alive, a little research begins to reveal that the most common houseplants are also the easiest to grow. The spider plant is another houseplant that thrives with very minimal care and can live for decades. In fact, it can survive in virtually any environment and is not picky about light, water, or temperature. 


Pretty much this entire list could be comprised entirely of succulents, as they are all straightforward growers that need a little light, less water, and proper drainage. However, aloe is the classic succulent with a purpose that is also incredibly easy to keep alive. Water deeply about every two weeks or when the soil is parched. Keep this healing plant on your kitchen counter, break off a piece when needed and use the gel to cool kitchen burns and soothe cuts. 

Snake plant

Snake plants are fantastic for a low-light office environment or anywhere you want to grow a houseplant without a sunny windowsill. They create a striking display with their sword-like leaves and variegated coloring. Remember, snake plants can grow relatively large, so it is crucial to plant them in an appropriate container with adequate drainage.

Cast-iron plant

Like cast iron, this plant is virtually impossible to destroy and is an excellent choice when your houseplant situation is truly dire. If you’ve killed every plant you’ve ever had and believe that you could never keep anything green for long, the cast-iron plant will prove you wrong. This plant actually enjoys low light and neglectful watering, and though it’s not the most exciting houseplant, you won’t find anything more dependable or hardy. 


Mint is one of my favorite houseplants because it is just so easy to grow. Placing it in the garden is often a hassle because it tends to spread and take over and you aren’t as likely to use it if you have to walk all the way to your garden each time you want a glass of tea. Having a large mint plant right on your counter or shelf if a fantastic way to keep your kitchen smelling great as well. 

-Taylor Ramsey

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