7 Spring Garden Ideas For Refreshment and Beauty

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Depending on where you live in the country, you may be dreaming of spring soon to come. What a magical time of the year to plan and execute beautiful gardens. When I step into spring, new growth is appearing, buds are blooming, and it really warms my heart. This spring, why not focus on enjoying the entire process of breathing new life into your gardens? Here are some suggestions to really showcase your property this spring.

Supercharge your inspiration

I love to visit other gardens, either in person, online, or in print. Getting your hands on some visual inspiration is a great way to fuel new ideas for your garden. Check your community for open garden tour events or home and garden shows where you can feast your eyes on great ideas that you can take home, modify, and install in your gardens.

Create a special spot to enjoy your gardens

We often spend countless hours planting and tending our gardens and forget to set up a special spot where we can sit and soak in the beauty. This spring, commit to creating a spot for reflection where you can take in your beautiful gardens. Your space can be as simple as nestling a chair or two in a secluded area where you can see your whole garden. You can also get more extreme and create a pergola, gazebo, patio, or deck area where you can relax and observe. You might consider adding a fire pit or a water feature to your special space. No matter what kind of retreat space you create, make sure it is cozy and comfortable 

Spring maintenance

Anyone who has spent some time creating gardens knows that spring is a great time to clean up, mulch, trim, and prepare your garden for the season to come. Being out in the fresh air is wonderful for your mind and your body and a great way to embrace the coming garden season after a long winter spent indoors. Spring is also an excellent time to clean up your tools, organize your garden shed, and prepare your beds for planting.

Incorporate a color of the year into your garden

It is so much fun to choose a color for the year and incorporate it into your garden. You could even use a pair of colors like red and yellow, or white and pink, etc.. Each year is a different color or color pair, which means after a few years you will start to have an exceptionally vibrant garden with all the colors of the rainbow. Be sure to pick plants that will bloom at different times of the season so that you have something colorful to enjoy in your garden at all times.

Consider vertical space

When I was a novice gardener, I only thought in straight lines close to the ground. A wonderful gardener friend opened my eyes to vertical space. It was like I had reached a whole new level of gardening bliss. Take a look around your garden space and identify all the places where you could insert a trellis or grow on an existing vertical space like a fence or a wall. Taking advantage of vertical space adds new depth to your garden and creates a feeling of fullness that you and others will appreciate. There is just something about flowering vines that add a sense of fluidity and movement to any space. Take time this spring to embrace vertical growing opportunities, and you won’t be disappointed.

Add lighting to your garden

Did you know that enjoying a garden at night time is magical? By adding some creative lighting options to your garden space, you can create a whole new dimension and add warmth to your garden. Consider path lights, spotlights, and even hanging lights for a romantic touch. Be sure to add some night time bloomers like moonflowers and evening primrose to your garden so that you can enjoy their splendor in the evening hours.

Add a water feature to your garden

There is something so relaxing about a water feature in any garden space. Not only will you enjoy the tranquil addition, but so will birds and butterflies. Consider a bubbling rock feature that you can easily make yourself. Bubbling rocks will add not only a vertical interest to your garden, but the soft bubble of water will be enough to induce relaxation and peace.

Who’s ready for spring?

-Susan Patterson

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