Honey Fixes for Radiant Skin and Healthy Hair

Do you enjoy a dollop of honey in your tea? Perhaps you have traded out refined sugar for local raw honey in your favorite muffin recipe. You might not know about honey because it contains many therapeutic properties that make it a fantastic natural substitute for sugar and a sweet elixir for great hair, skin, and overall health and well-being.

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How to Make a Wildlife Friendly Garden

The way we construct and care for our gardens really matters. Of course, it matters to those of us who will enjoy watching the garden grow and reaping the benefits of a well-tended space. However, a well-constructed garden can also be of great benefit to the wild creatures who visit and even choose your garden as their home. Remember, a diverse garden loaded with native plants is the best place to start.

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How to Make Super Healthy Honey Infused with Herbs and Flowers

Ah honey, that sweet and delicious gift from the bees that we all love so much. Not only does it tempt our senses but honey is also highly desirable for its long-standing and scientifically proven health benefits. Pure, raw honey has a host of therapeutic uses stemming from its antibacterial and antifungal properties and antioxidant power. Honey is a wound healer, immunity booster, a gut soother and can ease a sore throat, to name just a few of its many benefits. If you have access to raw, local honey, it is easy to make your own infused honey that is beautiful, delicious, and highly nutritious. 

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How to Throw the Ultimate Pollinator Party

Have you ever taken a stroll through your veggie or fruit patch to find full blooms and gotten really excited only to see that nothing comes of them? This is one of the most disheartening things that can happen to a gardener, and the reason behind this is a lack of pollination. 

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7 Flowers You Must Plant if You Want More Bees

When you think of bees, it probably isn’t your first instinct to want to attract more of them to your yard. These striped insects often get a bad rap due to their rather painful natural defense mechanism and are often shoed away from the garden by harsh insect repellents and pesticides.

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