How to Set Up the Ultimate Patio Garden for a Massive Harvest

While most patios and balconies are reserved for beautiful overflowing flower baskets and ornamental displays, when space is tight, it may be prudent to prioritize growing fresh, organic food for you and your family. If you haven’t already embraced the idea of container gardening, what are you waiting for?

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How to Grow Loads of Potatoes in a Bucket

Potatoes are one of those staple foods that you should always have on hand. They last for a long time (especially when stored properly), are super filling, and can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes. Plus, they are incredibly easy to grow, even in a tiny space like a balcony, porch, or small yard. All you need is some soil and a few five-gallon buckets, and you are well on your way to a bountiful potato harvest. 

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