Plant This Medicinal Crop Now

Many people hesitate to grow garlic because it requires a different strategy from most plants in your vegetable garden. Once you know how to do it, though, growing garlic is easy and well worth it. Fresh garlic from the garden tastes much better than store-bought garlic, which has been in storage for ages. An added benefit? Garlic is a potent superfood that boosts health in several ways.

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What to Plant in a West-Facing Garden

Finding the right flowers or vegetables to plant on the west side of your house can be a real challenge. The morning sun is blocked, which means that your plants have to be able to withstand a little shade, but they will also be exposed to direct, hot sunlight in the afternoon. Stick to plants that can grow in full sun to partial shade. If you’re at a loss for what to plant in this tricky section of your garden, this helpful list could give you some ideas. 

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7 Flower Bulb Shopping Tips

Shopping for spring-flowering bulbs isn’t as easy as it seems. Take a few minutes to review these helpful tips and tricks before you end up with hundreds of unused bulbs sitting in your shed or unsuccessful bulbs that never come up when the weather warms. If you stick to these shoppin guidelines, you will have a beautiful garden that welcomes the spring with a brilliant display of color. 

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Best Ever Spring Bulbs and Tubers to Plant

There’s nothing quite so rewarding as seeing all of your hard work in the fall finally pay off with beautiful spring blooms once the cold weather has finally passed. Instead of just looking at bare trees and dead grass, like you have been all winter, these colorful blooms will give you something to look forward to and remind you that summer is on the way!

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Growing and Caring for Daffodils: The Happy Plant

Bright and cheery yellow daffodil blooms are one of the first signs of spring, with many gardeners awaiting this joyous flower with anxious anticipation. They stick around for just a few short weeks but herald the main growing season with a spectacular display. Thankfully, these hardy plants are incredibly easy to grow and care for, simply follow these few tips, and you’ll have thriving daffodils in no time. 

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Plant these Bulbs in the Fall for Beautiful Spring Blooms

Though hard work and diligent care of delicate seeds can be rewarding, it is also nice to fill your garden with bulbs and simply forget about them. These fall-planted bulbs rest quietly under the earth until they surprise you in spring with beautiful blooms and boldfaced defiance of winter’s deathly chill. 

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