How to Create and Care for a Beautiful Terrarium

Terrarium (Pl. terrariums/terraria) by definition is a miniature garden sealed in a glass container. They are excellent for displaying beautiful plants individually or as a composition that represents a piece of nature. They take a bit of effort to set up but are easy to maintain and add a beautiful and delicate touch to any space.

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5 Ways to Make Your Xeriscape Garden a Huge Success

Xeriscaping is all about designing the garden to minimize water usage. Drought tolerant plants are the obvious choices, but that doesn’t mean you should fill the yard with just cacti and succulents. Many flowering shrubs, grasses, and plants that have underground rhizomes or bulbs can manage with occasional watering. Some plants may need to be watered when they’re young but can go without water for extended periods once they’re established. Others can completely manage with seasonal precipitation, requiring no additional supplement because they go dormant during the dry season.

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