7 Tips for Growing Healthy and Beautiful Coleus Plants

Anyone who has some shady spots in their garden should consider the elegant coleus plant. Coleus was first made popular when it was used as a Victorian bedding plant. This sophisticated beauty has been making a comeback and is equally content in both traditional and modern gardens alike. These stunning plants give all-season color in the shade and are extremely easy to care for. Here are some tips for growing healthy coleus plants.

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Growing and Caring for Daffodils: The Happy Plant

Bright and cheery yellow daffodil blooms are one of the first signs of spring, with many gardeners awaiting this joyous flower with anxious anticipation. They stick around for just a few short weeks but herald the main growing season with a spectacular display. Thankfully, these hardy plants are incredibly easy to grow and care for, simply follow these few tips, and you’ll have thriving daffodils in no time. 

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