12 Tips to Keep Your Garden Harvest Fresh for Longer

Have you ever been so blessed by a massive harvest that you become overwhelmed? I know the feeling! Sometimes you just have so many fresh veggies that you become worried about using them all before they go bad. Believe me, this is a problem. However, you can turn your problem around if you follow these tips on preserving and keeping your harvest fresh for longer.

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7 Yummy Things to Do With All Your Fall Fruit

There’s nothing quite like apple picking on a crisp, fall afternoon. Even better if your apple tree is in your own backyard and you can simply snack on fruit whenever you wish. However, fruit from trees can get a little overwhelming once harvest begins in earnest, and it can often be hard to figure out how to take advantage of your basketfuls of fruit. Read on for our favorite yummy ways to enjoy the abundance of the season. 

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