This “CLEAN” Compost Trick Will Make Your Veggies Grow Huge

It’s spring, and for many gardeners around the country, it is time to prepare garden beds and start planting. One of the best things you can do for your plants is to supercharge your soil with rich, nutrient-dense compost. Don’t have time for composting? Don’t fret; there is one really neat compost trick that takes little time and effort but pays off big – building up the soil and making nutrients available to hungry plants and beneficial critters deep inside the soil.

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17 Best Perennials for Dividing and Tips for Success

You’ve probably heard of dividing perennials and may have been intimidated by the thought of digging up perfectly healthy plants. If you are just starting your garden, you have a few years before your perennials need to be divided, so don’t worry about it just yet, but if you have established plants, it’s time to grab your sharp spade and get to work. Don’t worry, dividing perennials is actually incredibly easy and is a great way to keep your plants healthy and flourishing. 

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