9 Best Perennial Plants for Arid Regions

Just because you live in a dry climate doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy flowering plants and beautiful, colorful vegetation. These are our favorite perennials for arid regions and a few tips on how to weave them into a beautiful landscape.

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7 Tips for Growing Healthy and Beautiful Coleus Plants

Anyone who has some shady spots in their garden should consider the elegant coleus plant. Coleus was first made popular when it was used as a Victorian bedding plant. This sophisticated beauty has been making a comeback and is equally content in both traditional and modern gardens alike. These stunning plants give all-season color in the shade and are extremely easy to care for. Here are some tips for growing healthy coleus plants.

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How to Grow and Use This Delicious Natural Sugar Substitute

Unlike other sugar alternatives such as honey, maple syrup, and molasses, stevia is not metabolized by the body and has absolutely zero calories. This sweet sensation has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years and is quickly becoming the go-to sweetener for people with diabetes, those looking to lose weight, or people with a sweet tooth who still want to eat a healthy diet. Thankfully, growing stevia at home is super easy and is a great way to round off an herb garden, increase your sustainability, and improve your health by ditching processed sugar. 

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