Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With the Natural Sweetener You Can Grow

Stevia is well known today as a nonnutritive sweetener, a sugar substitute. You can buy powdered stevia products to add sweetness to foods and drinks without adding calories. These products contain rebaudioside A, an extract made from stevia leaves. A more natural way to sweeten foods without calories is to use the whole leaves of stevia. 

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Growing and Caring for Daffodils: The Happy Plant

Bright and cheery yellow daffodil blooms are one of the first signs of spring, with many gardeners awaiting this joyous flower with anxious anticipation. They stick around for just a few short weeks but herald the main growing season with a spectacular display. Thankfully, these hardy plants are incredibly easy to grow and care for, simply follow these few tips, and you’ll have thriving daffodils in no time. 

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