Best Veggies to Grow in Raised Beds

A raised bed is a great way to start a vegetable garden. It allows you to create the perfect environment for your veggies, with just the right soil mix and good drainage. You can generally grow any vegetables in this way, but some are superstar producers in a raised bed.

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8 Great Uses for Wood Chips in Your Yard and Garden

Wood chips are a versatile material that you can often get for free. They have many uses for your yard and garden, from the aesthetic to the practical. Read on for some creative ways to use wood chips to improve your property.

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Live in the City? Try These Awesome Urban Gardening Hacks

Do you live in the city? Perhaps in an apartment, townhouse, or a condo where you have limited outdoor space? If this is the case, and you are longing to grow your own fresh, delicious, and nutritious produce, I have great news for you. Not only is it possible for you to grow your own food in a very limited space, including a balcony or patio, but you are going to have a blast doing it. Here are my top garden hacks for those of you who live in the city.

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