Top Garden Trends in 2020: Are You Ready do Dig In?

Years ago, gardening was reserved for those who had expensive pieces of land where they could create long rows for growing food. Today, however, there is a skyrocketing interest among urbanites to grow their food, herbs, and flowers. The good news is that gardening in 2020 has taken a whole new twist making it possible for more and more people to experience the joy and rewards of small space gardening. Even better, gardens are all about marrying the use of space with what is good for wildlife and the earth as a whole. It is indeed a great time to garden. Let’s explore some of the hottest garden trends for 2020.

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Top Garden Trends for 2019

Just as there are trends for fashion, makeup, and home design, there are yearly garden trends as well. It can be difficult to keep up on all of the exciting developments in the yard and garden. Keep in mind that, ultimately, the true heart of gardening is a timeless act. The therapeutic process of selecting a plant or seed and placing it into the ground, tending it with care and diligence will always remain the same. These steps of gardening have been around since the dawn of agriculture and contribute to the fact that gardening will never go out of fashion.


However, each year there are new innovations, landscaping styles, and plants that could spice up your garden and bring your yard to a whole new level. Here are just a few garden trends you may want to check out as the 2019 spring planting season kicks into full gear.

Growing food in any space

As more and more health-conscious people are coming to realize the importance of sustainability and healthy eating, many are turning to vegetable gardening in a more non-traditional sense. You don’t need to have 3 acres of land and a massive garden plot to begin growing vegetables. Even one tomato plant in a container on your patio, or adding edible plants to your flower garden can help supplement your fresh vegetables and give you peace of mind knowing where your food comes from.

Gardening apps

The saying “there’s an app for that” exists for a reason and is all the more true in the technology-driven world of 2019. These days you can find apps for nearly everything, from exercise and social networking, to, unsurprisingly, gardening. Obviously, technology hasn’t yet progressed to the point of your smartphone going to the garden and digging a hole for you. However, these apps could prove helpful for tracking harvest times, planning your new landscape, or even discovering fellow garden fantatics.

  • Seek. This app allows you to snap a picture of any flower or plant and it identifies it for you.
  • Perennial Match. If you love planting perennial flowers, this helpful app can let you know which flowers look good when planted together and even give care instructions for various plants.
  • My Garden. Getting connected with others passionate about gardening is one of the most rewarding things. You can find rich and rewarding friendships through a shared love of gardening and this social media app can help you keep track of your own plants and share in your friends gardens.

Ferns as houseplants 

Having ferns indoors is nothing new, but you may begin to see this even more in Instagram-worthy living-rooms and on gardening and lifestyle blogs. Ferns are catapulting to popularity as the hottest houseplant of 2019. And what’s not to love? They look great, fit in with any decor style and help purify and cleanse the air.

Low-maintenance is key

Not all of us have hours upon hours to spend in the garden every day (though we would absolutely love to) and the fast-paced nature of our world is paving the way for more low-maintenance, less time-consuming gardening. There are a few easy ways to help make your existing  space more suitable for your lifestyle and tricks to ensure that any future garden could practically grow itself, once established.

  • Focus on perennials. Though we all love the colorful bursts of seasonal plants, the investment isn’t always worth it. Focus the core of your garden on hardy perennials that will come back year after year. If you still want annuuals, try placing a cute container arrangement on your front porch or patio. 
  • Install an irrigation system. Watering plants can take hours every day, especially if you have a large garden. Installing some sort of drip irrigation system is well worth the investment in the long-run.
  • Focus on minimalism. Cultivate ornamental trees and plants that will make a statement in your garden without fuss and buy only hardy varieties that can withstand a little neglect.

Greenhouse kits

Adding a greenhouse to your yard can seriously take your garden up a notch, helping you get an earlier start on the season, grow for longer, and perhaps keep fresh food available all year long. But what if you don’t want to buy a premade greenhouse and can’t fork over thousands of dollars to pay to have one built? Since the greenhouse trend has been on the rise you can now order DIY greenhouse kits online and set up your very own hothouse in just a few ridiculously simple steps. These kits are totally customizable and you can choose one that suits all your garden needs. Plus, you can find great options for well under $500.

-Taylor Ramsey