7 Tips for Beautiful Hydrangeas

Renowned for their lush, eye-catching blooms, hydrangeas add old-fashioned charm to any garden. You might think hydrangeas are high maintenance. But surprisingly, they need little care. With a few tips, your hydrangeas will thrive in a variety of conditions. So, if you’re looking for a stunning garden flower, with large globes of colorful blossoms, then hydrangeas are the perennials for you!  Here are seven tips for beautiful hydrangeas.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Fall Planted Mums

Mums are an essential and beautiful part of the fall landscape. These stunning plants are a welcome addition to your front porch and add a pop of seasonal color to your fall displays indoors and out.  When it comes to caring for potted mums, there are a few things that you can do to increase their longevity and keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

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5 Reasons to Garden with Your Kids

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve digging into the earthy ground with my mom and telling our plants to “grow well” as we gave them a drink of water and patted the soil down. My sisters and I would wait anxiously to see the product of our labor and harvest our fresh summer strawberries, eating them straight off the plant with the warm, sticky juice dripping down our chins.

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