Top Small Greenhouse Projects to Do While You Have Some Extra Time

Many novice (and experienced) gardeners are intimidated by the idea of a greenhouse. Its time to stop putting it off and tackle this essential, practical garden staple once and for all. While you are still working from home, or have a little extra time due to canceled social engagements, use this opportunity to accomplish these small greenhouse projects and make your yard space even more valuable and usable.

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What You Should Put on Your Greenhouse Floor

As you are planning for your greenhouse, don’t forget one of the most critical elements, the floor. What you might not know is that floors are the foundation of a greenhouse in many ways. An improper floor can be highly counterintuitive to what you are trying to accomplish, so much care needs to be put into both material and installation.

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Tips for Growing a Pinstripe Houseplant

Though not the most common houseplant, calathea ornata or the pinstripe plant is known for its striking leaves and intriguing visual appeal. Often considered finicky, this tropical beauty will flourish with a little love and attention. If you want a foliage plant that looks great all year long and rewards your effort, or if you simply want a bit of a growing challenge, this is the one for you. Follow these tips to level-up your houseplant game and branch out of your comfort zone with the incredible pinstripe plant. 

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I Grew the Perfect Indoor Palm: Here’s How You Can Too

Palms are some of the most inviting indoor plants. They immediately conjure up images of a tropical paradise and leave you remembering your last vacation to the beach. Since most climates are not suitable for these tropical beauties due to cool temperatures and low humidity, it makes sense to bring them indoors and watch them flourish.  

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8 Steps to Growing the Perfect Container Lemon Tree Indoors

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you don’t live in a tropical environment, that lemon tree you planted oh-so-hopefully in your garden isn’t going to make it through winter. There is a sliver lining; however. With a little patience and persistence, you can grow your very own lemon tree indoors. Fresh lemons await! Here’s what you need to do to get started. 

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