10 Best Shade-Tolerant Plants

Contrary to popular opinion, a shade garden doesn’t just have to be filled with boring foliage (no offense, foliage) or left empty. In fact, you can fill the darkest corners of your garden with some of the most beautiful blooming plants that will make you want to spend time strolling the more secluded parts of your yard just to appreciate the array of colors.  

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11 Easy and Beautiful Flowers for the Beginner Gardener

So, you want to plant flowers to beautify your landscape but are not sure where to start. Perhaps you are brand new to gardening and have never even planted a flower before. No worries, the good news is, there are plenty of very easy to plant and maintain flowers that will bring endless color and interest to your landscape without requiring a lot of knowledge or effort. These are the best flowers for beginner gardeners because they will not disappoint and will give you the confidence to try new and exciting things next season! Let’s take a look at 11 of the easiest flowers for beginner gardeners.

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