Best Veggies to Grow in Raised Beds

A raised bed is a great way to start a vegetable garden. It allows you to create the perfect environment for your veggies, with just the right soil mix and good drainage. You can generally grow any vegetables in this way, but some are superstar producers in a raised bed.

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The Ultimate Guide to Growing a Massive Harvest Without Soil

For most people, gardens are going like gangbusters right about now. You have gotten plenty of rain and are happily harvesting and sharing fresh veggies with friends and neighbors. However, you also know that soon, all too soon, it will be time to clean out the garden as the season winds down for another year. If you want to continue to have fresh greens for your family all winter long, consider hydroponics, the art of growing plants without soil. 

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The 20 Fastest-Growing Foods To Get Self-Reliant Now

If you’re feeling the stress of current events, you’ve probably spared a thought to the security of your food supply. What would happen if there was nothing on the shelves at the grocery store next week? Though that is unlikely to happen, it is still important to be prepared.

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Best Lettuce Types to Grow Indoors (plus growing tips)

With spring barely a blip on the calendar, and the fire roaring to chase away the winter chill, you are likely starting to miss fresh produce from your garden and spending time with your hands in the dirt. If you’re tired of the barely edible, pesticide-laden, and sometimes E. Coli-ridden lettuce in the grocery store and miss growing your own food, I have some good news for you. You don’t have to live in the tropics or have a greenhouse to grow lettuce through the winter, with these simple tips, you can have a bountiful leafy green harvest in your very own home. All year long.

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Setting Up and Using a Cold Frame to Grow Year Round Lettuce

There’s nothing like the crisp crunch of fresh, homegrown lettuce in a healthy, vibrant salad. If you’re tired of only being able to grow lettuce in the temperature spring and fall months, it’s time to utilize the power of the cold frame and double the growing season of this yummy veggie. Before you grab some nails and a hammer and get to work, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here’s all you need to know to set up and use a cold frame for growing lettuce all winter long. 

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Delicious Cool Weather Crops You Can Plant This Fall

Though it is sad to think of it, the end of summer is here. As you enjoy the last few weeks of warmth and sunshine, you are probably busy in the garden, getting everything prepared for the winter and harvesting your late summer veggies. But don’t put those tools away quite yet, as long as you have at least 60 days before your first expected frost, there are plenty of veggies you can plant today and enjoy in just a few weeks. 

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