Tips for Growing the Tastiest Microgreens Indoors

Microgreens are one food anyone can grow with minimum space, minimum effort, and a minimum investment of time and money. They are tasty and nutritious to boot. There really isn’t any excuse not to grow them.

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9 Cash Crops that Can Help You Meet Your Financial Goals Sooner (even if you live in the city)

Gardening is a fantastic hobby and a way to provide fresh food for your family. Did you know that that it can also be lucrative? What if I told you that you could accelerate your savings by growing some popular cash crops? There are even some great options for people who have limited space in which to grow plants. Now that I have your attention let’s take a look at how your garden can keep you in the green (if you know what I  mean).

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Dangerous Toxins Found in Popular Dog Food Brands

Multiple popular dog food brands have recently been recalled after a random test has revealed a dangerous toxin. Aflatoxins are a group of toxins produced by certain fungi found on agricultural crops, including corn, peanuts, cottonseed, and tree nuts. While consuming a small amount of these toxins will not usually harm a human or pet, there are regulations in place that limit how much of this toxin can be present in dog and human food.

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Amazon Bans these Seeds from Delivery

Whatever you do, don’t plant these seeds. Thousands of packages of unsolicited seeds have been delivered to households in the United States over the past several months. According to the US Department of Agriculture, mysterious light gray or beige packages containing seeds postmarked from China, have been showing up in mailboxes all over the country. In response, Amazon is now banning the sale of foreign seeds, and federal officials are warning us not to touch or plant these seeds. But what is really behind this strange seed scandal?

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Growing Great Greens all Year Long (and why you should)

If you only grow one thing in your home garden, it should be greens. There are several delicious and nutritious greens that are easy to grow and provide a valuable resource throughout the garden season and even beyond…More on that to come. Leafy greens are also known as salad greens, pot herbs, vegetable greens, or just greens. These plant leaves are eaten as a vegetable and contain important vitamins and nutrients. Likely, you don’t eat enough greens, and those that you do eat are not nearly as healthy as they could be. 

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