Low on Money? 7 Ways to Make More Green with Green

When you think of side hustles, ways to make a little extra money, you may conjure up images of things like selling clothes you don’t wear, walking dogs, babysitting, or even baking and selling cookies. But, have you ever considered taking your love of plants, gardening, and homesteading (even urban homesteading) and using it to turn a quick profit?

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7 Really Good Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Food

While growing and preserving food is still a widespread activity in many cultures around the world, it isn’t necessarily popular in America. Many people take food for granted, simply going to the grocery store without much thought as to where the food comes from. We just expect it to be there, right?

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10 Ways to Garden on a Dime

Gardening is incredible. It allows you to get in touch with the earth, spend time outdoors, and grow beautiful flowers and produce that you can share with family and friends. However, it can quickly become an expensive hobby with a lot of reoccurring costs that add up over time. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy ways to keep your expenses to a minimum. Read on for our favorite money-saving tips to garden on a dime. 

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