How Playing in the Dirt Can Make You Happy and Keep You Healthy

If young children are left to their own devices, they would happily play in the mud for hours. Dirty hands, feet, and faces don’t seem to bother the young or the young at heart.  These people may be on to something. According to research, playing in the dirt could be one of the best prescriptions for happiness.

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What Seed Bombs Are Doing For The Ugly and Barren

What comes to mind when you think of the term “seed bombing?” Perhaps it conjures up mental pictures of masked vigilantes sending floral explosives into barren landscapes. In fact, this vivid descriptor isn’t too far from the truth. This practice of “guerilla gardening” has begun to transform ugly urban plots into forces of nature. Read on to find out exactly what seed bombs are and how they can revolutionize spontaneous gardening.

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