How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Room

Extending your indoor living space into the great outdoors is not only healthy but also fun. There is nothing quite so cozy as sitting with your favorite book on your outdoor sofa listening to the birds chirping. Or, what about entertaining under the starry sky? Either way, an outdoor living room takes personal space and entertaining to a whole new level.

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Create Your Very Own Patio Paradise in 7 Easy Steps

Apartment and condo living is becoming increasingly attractive to persons of all ages. Living small is becoming the new living large as people downsize to accommodate busy lifestyles and a desire to have more freedom. Creating an inviting outdoor space on your balcony or patio is one of the great ways you can increase your living space, especially if you enjoy being outside. Here are some easy and fun ways to own your outdoor space, no matter where you live.

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10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio on a Dime

Since you likely have a little extra time on your hands due to shelter-in-place orders and the weather is warming up in many parts of the country, you may have started utilizing your outdoor living space more than ever before. If you aren’t exactly thrilled with your patio but don’t want to spend a fortune fixing it up, these 10 fun ideas will inspire you to get creative with what you have and spruce up your porch or patio on a dime. Plus, most of these ideas are renter-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about not getting back your deposit when you move out. 

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Want to Attract More Wildlife – Here is What You Should Do

If you are anything like me, there is nothing more enjoyable to you than sitting on your patio in the warm twilight air, sipping a cup of tea and watching the birds and insects trill around your garden. You don’t have to live in the heart of the country to enjoy this vision, either. Even if you are in an urban area, there are ways that you can, and should, be encouraging wildlife to find sanctuary in your yard. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your garden a natural paradise…no matter where you are.

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