These Are the Best Seeds to Stockpile Now

While stockpiling seeds is a great idea, keep in mind that seeds do have a shelf life. They don’t last forever, and if you’re planning to have some on hand for an emergency, it is important that you practice growing them so that you can guarantee success when it matters most. Use a rotating seed system to plant, store, and refresh your stored seeds regularly and add these plants to your garden today to deepen your emergency gardening experience. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Start your emergency garden today. 

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Top Veggies That Trail and Vine For an Abundant Vertical Garden

Small space gardening is all the rage and rightly so! It is absolutely amazing how many types of veggies you can grow in a very little space when you grow them upwards. While many plants are naturally inclined to trail – others need a little coaxing at first, but will happily comply as long as they have great soil, plenty of sunlight, enough water, and a good support system.

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