Solve These Common Garden Problems with Cinnamon

While TV advertisements and mainstream gardening advice would have you believe that all sorts of chemicals are required to manage issues in your garden, we think otherwise. A holistic approach often works best – preventing any toxic side effects and also saving you money. Here is how you can enjoy the superpower of cinnamon in your garden.

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Everything You Might Not Know About Growing Perfect Peppers

Peppers are a wonderful addition to any home garden, and there are many varieties to choose from, ranging from super hot to sweet and everything in between. No matter how you like them, there is a pepper for you. Growing the perfect pepper plant is not as easy as simply plopping a young seedling into the ground and walking away! However, if you pay attention to a few things that peppers really love, you will be in luck, and your plants should produce an abundance of pepper for you to enjoy.

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3 Plants that Bust Inflammation and How to Grow Them

Inflammation is your body’s natural protective response to an injury or illness and can help speed up healing and encourage your body to repair itself. This is referred to as acute inflammation and is a healthy, helpful process. However, chronic inflammation, when your body is continually inflamed and at a heightened state of emergency for an extended period, can be incredibly detrimental. Rather than protecting your body, inflammation has suddenly become the enemy and can lead to pain and a host of health issues.

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These 9 Peppers Will Reward You All Season Long

Peppers are a bright and cheery addition to any garden space. They are also easy and rewarding to grow. Probably because they never fail to give you at least something to show for your effort, if not a large crop. And a few peppers go a long way, especially the hot ones.

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