Enjoying Moss Rose in Your Garden

Portulaca grandiflora, or moss rose, is a member of the purslane) Portulacaceae family. This small family contains less than 100 species, including the edible purslane weed, which is a prolific self-seeder. Moss rose plants are beautiful when used in pots and container gardens and also make an excellent ground cover. Don’t let this plant’s small stature fool you; portulacas are sturdy and beautiful at the same time. They are a great option for hot and dry climates and have a short and sweet spreading habit.

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7 Perennials That Aren’t Really Perennials

We all love the bright colors and plentiful blooms of annuals. But let’s face it, they’re not exactly the most economical plants for your garden. Even if you save some money by buying annuals from seed, the cost over the years adds up, especially if you focus on annuals more than perennials. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that you get your annual fix without having to break the bank in the process. Read on to find out about our favorite annuals that masquerade as perennials and come back every year.

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