Wow Your Friends with These Creative and Frugal Container Projects

Container gardening is so much fun! Not only do containers make gardening a possibility for everyone, even those with little space, but they also make great conversation pieces. This is especially true when you use recycled, free or cheap containers. Most garden plants are happy in any container as long as there is great organic soil with excellent drainage. 

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Top Small Greenhouse Projects to Do While You Have Some Extra Time

Many novice (and experienced) gardeners are intimidated by the idea of a greenhouse. Its time to stop putting it off and tackle this essential, practical garden staple once and for all. While you are still working from home, or have a little extra time due to canceled social engagements, use this opportunity to accomplish these small greenhouse projects and make your yard space even more valuable and usable.

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Make Your Very Own Living Picture with Succulents (Here’s How)

There’s no conversation piece quite as great as a living succulent frame. Your guests will be raving about your DIY craft project, and it will provide a stunning element for your interior decor. Even though it may seem trickly, putting together a succulent frame is incredibly easy if you follow these 8 simple steps.

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