Best Veggies to Grow in Raised Beds

A raised bed is a great way to start a vegetable garden. It allows you to create the perfect environment for your veggies, with just the right soil mix and good drainage. You can generally grow any vegetables in this way, but some are superstar producers in a raised bed.

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Wow Your Friends with These Creative and Frugal Container Projects

Container gardening is so much fun! Not only do containers make gardening a possibility for everyone, even those with little space, but they also make great conversation pieces. This is especially true when you use recycled, free or cheap containers. Most garden plants are happy in any container as long as there is great organic soil with excellent drainage. 

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8 Great Uses for Wood Chips in Your Yard and Garden

Wood chips are a versatile material that you can often get for free. They have many uses for your yard and garden, from the aesthetic to the practical. Read on for some creative ways to use wood chips to improve your property.

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The Secret to Square Foot Gardening

Proposed by Mel Bartholomew in 1980s, Square Foot Gardening is a high yield formula for growing the maximum amount of vegetables in a limited space. Simple to design and execute, it quickly became popular with small scale home gardeners all over the world, and came to be known as SFG. Many newbie food growers first tasted success with this method and were emboldened to attempt larger projects.

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