5 Exciting Things to Do With Pears, Post Harvest

Do you have a pear tree in your yard that is just a little overwhelming at the peak harvest time? If so, your kitchen is likely overflowing with rapidly ripening pears that you don’t know what to do with. Try these easy ideas to take advantage of your bounty and enjoy the sweet, subtle flavor of this delicious fruit. 

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Green Tomato Pickling: Why It Rocks and How to Do It

It’s always a sad day when that temperamental wind races through your garden and dislodges unripe tomatoes from the vine. Not to worry! You can turn those tomatoes into yummy pickles with just a few simple steps. Here are our favorite ways to enjoy green tomatoes and give you a delightful snack throughout the winter months. 

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6 Summer Teas to Enjoy at Your Next Garden Party

You’ve finally developed the perfect outdoor living space. You have comfy chairs, cooling fans, and lighting strung in the trees to set the mood. What better way to welcome summer than by throwing a vibrant garden party with your closest friends on your newly revamped porch or patio? Of course, you need fabulous potted plants and vines to complete the look, but no party is complete without these healthy and refreshing summer teas. Check out our favorites below!

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