How to Make Super Healthy Honey Infused with Herbs and Flowers

Ah honey, that sweet and delicious gift from the bees that we all love so much. Not only does it tempt our senses but honey is also highly desirable for its long-standing and scientifically proven health benefits. Pure, raw honey has a host of therapeutic uses stemming from its antibacterial and antifungal properties and antioxidant power. Honey is a wound healer, immunity booster, a gut soother and can ease a sore throat, to name just a few of its many benefits. If you have access to raw, local honey, it is easy to make your own infused honey that is beautiful, delicious, and highly nutritious. 

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3 No Fail Herbs to Grow from Seed

Herbs are an essential addition to any garden and are an excellent ways for the beginner gardener to get their feet wet. They are easy to grow and will produce throughout the whole year if cared for properly. From the kitchen to various beauty products, and medicinal salves, you are almost guaranteed to start using fresh herbs in virtually every room in your house. Thankfully, growing herbs from seed is easy and is a wonderful (and inexpensive) way to create a bountiful herb garden.

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3 Plants that Bust Inflammation and How to Grow Them

Inflammation is your body’s natural protective response to an injury or illness and can help speed up healing and encourage your body to repair itself. This is referred to as acute inflammation and is a healthy, helpful process. However, chronic inflammation, when your body is continually inflamed and at a heightened state of emergency for an extended period, can be incredibly detrimental. Rather than protecting your body, inflammation has suddenly become the enemy and can lead to pain and a host of health issues.

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