What You Should Put on Your Greenhouse Floor

As you are planning for your greenhouse, don’t forget one of the most critical elements, the floor. What you might not know is that floors are the foundation of a greenhouse in many ways. An improper floor can be highly counterintuitive to what you are trying to accomplish, so much care needs to be put into both material and installation.

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How to Create the Ultimate Backyard Beach Garden Anywhere

Do you love the beach and the beauty of the beach landscape but live too far away to enjoy it daily? There is good news! The warm and inviting feel of a seascape garden can be created right in your very own backyard. Here are some essential tips and element suggestions to help you create the perfect beach oasis at home!

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Add This to Your Soil to Grow Bigger Crops

Years ago, the Farm Equipment Association of Minnesota and South Dakota was quoted as saying, “Despite all our achievements, we owe our existence to a 6-inch layer of topsoil.” It makes perfect sense because this critical half-foot of dirt is where plants access moisture and nutrients.

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