Easy and Creative Vertical Garden Ideas

Do you love to be surrounded by vibrant plants but are short on space? You can fit a vertical garden anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and have plenty of gardening fun. A vertical arrangement will help you fit more plants in a small area. Try these ideas for fun ways to try your hand at vertical gardening.

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Garden Mistakes Everyone Wants to Avoid

The best gardeners in the world have learned from their mistakes, but there’s no reason to repeat them. Learn from the mistakes of others if you’re just getting started in gardening. You can avoid a lot of problems, save time, and prevent the sad death of plants by learning some common and easy-to-make gardening errors before you make them.

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Kids Home? Here are Fun Ways to Keep Them Engaged in Gardening

Instead of plunking your kids in front of the tv or game console during the remainder of the stay at home order, why not try to use this time well by getting them into the yard and introducing them to gardening. Even if you are a novice yourself, you can learn alongside your child and grow beautiful food and flowers for your family. Here are a few easy ways to get them involved and keep them interested in planting and cultivating a garden. 

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