7 Ways to Use Cardboard for a Bigger and Longer Harvest

Are you ready for a staggering statistic? In the United States of America, over 850 tons of paper and cardboard are thrown out each year. Sadly, this is equal to about 1 billion trees! Pretty horrifying, right?  Over 80% of the packaging used in America contains some form of cardboard. An average household can toss as much as 13,000 separate pieces of cardboard each year.

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Consider a Potted Tree This Christmas if You Have Limited Space

With Christmas pressing down, you are likely wondering what kind of tree to get this year. If this is the year for a non-traditional tree, you are in luck. Many people who live in an apartment or simply don’t have the space for a traditional Christmas tree will appreciate that they can still decorate their space and enjoy these fresh-smelling and beautiful potted tree alternatives.

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