Grow Your Own Hand Rescue Salve

Gardening and health are intrinsically linked. You grow your own fruits and vegetables, so you begin to eat more whole, fresh food. You have to harvest, plant, and tend your garden, so you get more physical activity and daily doses of fresh air and sunshine. However, unless you wear gloves all the time, you probably also experience the dry, cracking hands that come from spending hours digging in the dirt. Thankfully, all the herbs needed to create this soothing hand salve, and make dried out hands a thing of the past, can be grown right in your garden.

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Mix Dish Soap with This to Kill Aphids for Good

They may be tiny, but they are also insanely damaging. Aphids are among the most destructive insect pests on garden plants in temperate growing zones. They cling to plants and suck sap, which weakens the plant and makes it susceptible to a host of viruses. They also leave ugly honeydew deposits (a sugary, rich liquid) on leaves, closely followed by sooty mold growth. 

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17 Best Perennials for Dividing and Tips for Success

You’ve probably heard of dividing perennials and may have been intimidated by the thought of digging up perfectly healthy plants. If you are just starting your garden, you have a few years before your perennials need to be divided, so don’t worry about it just yet, but if you have established plants, it’s time to grab your sharp spade and get to work. Don’t worry, dividing perennials is actually incredibly easy and is a great way to keep your plants healthy and flourishing. 

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