The Truth About Skid Marks and Anal Leakage

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f you are honest, you will admit that you have found skid marks on your underwear at least once. What about skid marks in the toilet?  You know, the sticky residue from a movement that doesn’t get flushed away? Well, there are good reasons for both types of skid marks and things you can do to “clean up your act.” Let’s take a closer look to reveal the truth about skid marks.

Skid marks on your undies

If you suffer from frequent skid marks on your underwear it is best to go down a list of possible reasons and through a process of elimination to find the root cause for the skids. Here are some things to consider:

  • You might not be wiping properly (more on this to come).
  • You may sweat a lot.
  • Your underwear might be too tight.
  • You may sit a long time on the toilet.
  • You may have pooping inconsistencies.
  • You may have a lot of hair on your bottom.
  • You might have hemorrhoids.
  • You may not be completely emptying your bowel.

How to prevent skid marks on your undies

Here are some tips for reducing skid marks.

Wipe better

The top reason why most people end up with a little fecal streaking on their underpants is because they are not wiping sufficiently. This is common with children but also common with many adults who leave some feces on their undies. 

Soft and sticky movements make things more difficult. A solid feces generally leaves little behind to wipe, while a soft movement can require several wipes, often leaving some fecal matter behind that gets transferred to our underwear. To help get yourself as clean as possible, follow wiping with a flushable wet personal wipe that you can toss into the toilet when finished.

Add more fiber

If you have frequent soft stools, try adding more soluble and insoluble fiber to your diet. This will increase the number of good bacteria in your colon and add bulk to your poop. Most people don’t get nearly enough fiber in their diet. Men need between 31 and 38 grams of fiber daily, and women require 21-25 grams. You can get more fiber by eating fruits, vegetables, oats, and whole wheat.  

Shave your butt hair

If you have excessive hair on your butt, you may want to consider shaving it. Hairs tend to trap poop particles as they exit the rectum. These particles can be transferred to your underwear. They can also cause you to have a stinky butt, which is often referred to as “swamp butt.” Keeping your butt hairs trimmed or shaved is one of the best ways to prevent odor and skid marks at the same time.

Quit taking your phone to the toilet with you

For many of us, the bathroom is just one more place that we take our phones for fear of missing an urgent call, text, or email. However, you know that dreaded rabbit hole that you go down on your phone when you first check your text, then your emails, and then sneak your way over to social media. Before you know it – you are on the pot for twenty minutes or more watching funny cat videos. Besides the risk of getting fired because you spend way too much time on the toilet, there is a risk that poop will dry on your bottom and reactivate later when you sweat, which makes it more difficult to get a clean wipe. In addition, sitting too long on the toilet can cause hemorrhoids to develop,

Wear looser undies

If your underwear rides up your butt crack, it is likely to pick up any fecal matter left behind from wiping. Men, this means going to boxers or boxer briefs, and ladies, skip the G string and go for a roomier style of underwear.

Clean well in the shower

Each time you shower, be sure to get your bottom as clean as possible. A handheld showerhead works great to rinse your booty clean gently. If you are going to use any cleaning products like soap, be sure to use a gentle and all-natural product. 

Take care of hemorrhoids

Both external and internal hemorrhoids can cause skid marks. This is because feces get stuck in the sphincter, and wiping doesn’t help. The best solution is to work with your physician to alleviate the hemorrhoids. Also, gently washing your bottom area in the shower will help prevent skid marks.

Here’s to ending skid marks for good!

-The Backyard Vitality Team

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