11 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Goats

So you have a flock of chickens, an ever-expanding vegetable garden, and you are well on your way towards increasing your self-sufficiency and sustainability. But what about goats? You often see them on lists of the best “homestead animals,” and fresh, raw milk would be nice too, right? Before you start researching the nearest goat breeder and building an enclosure, there are a few things you need to consider. 

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Top Ways to Keep Pesky Critters Out of Your Garden (organically)

Gardening is a soothing, peaceful pastime that brings you in touch with the earth and allows you to spend time cultivating life and growing food and flowers for your family. That is until a massive wave of pests come through and rips your carefully tended plants to shreds. Though it’s impossible to keep every single creature from your garden, there are ways to limit the pesky critters that seem obsessed with eating your plants. Check out our favorite pest control methods, that don’t require harmful chemicals.  

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