Live in the City? Try These Awesome Urban Gardening Hacks

Do you live in the city? Perhaps in an apartment, townhouse, or a condo where you have limited outdoor space? If this is the case, and you are longing to grow your own fresh, delicious, and nutritious produce, I have great news for you. Not only is it possible for you to grow your own food in a very limited space, including a balcony or patio, but you are going to have a blast doing it. Here are my top garden hacks for those of you who live in the city.

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Top Garden Trends in 2020: Are You Ready do Dig In?

Years ago, gardening was reserved for those who had expensive pieces of land where they could create long rows for growing food. Today, however, there is a skyrocketing interest among urbanites to grow their food, herbs, and flowers. The good news is that gardening in 2020 has taken a whole new twist making it possible for more and more people to experience the joy and rewards of small space gardening. Even better, gardens are all about marrying the use of space with what is good for wildlife and the earth as a whole. It is indeed a great time to garden. Let’s explore some of the hottest garden trends for 2020.

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