The Ultimate Guide to Growing a Massive Harvest Without Soil

For most people, gardens are going like gangbusters right about now. You have gotten plenty of rain and are happily harvesting and sharing fresh veggies with friends and neighbors. However, you also know that soon, all too soon, it will be time to clean out the garden as the season winds down for another year. If you want to continue to have fresh greens for your family all winter long, consider hydroponics, the art of growing plants without soil. 

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How to Make Your Very Own Five-Gallon Bucket Hydroponic Garden

Don’t let the word “hydroponic” scare you. Although large-scale growers use this system to grow massive amounts of produce in a short period of time, the system is not limited to commercial agricultural use. You can make your very own inexpensive hydroponic system at home and get started right away to grow tasty produce all year long.

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Grow Food Instantly Without Soil Using This Method

Getting into the world of hydroponics can be more than a little intimidating. If you’re new to this type of gardening and just want to get your feet wet (no pun intended), you don’t have to have an extensive growing system with complicated pumps, electricity, or miles of land. All you need is a few basic supplies, and you can get started growing your own food right away…no work required.

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The Top Soilless Mediums for Growing Veggies

Starting out with hydroponics can be a little confusing, but one of the first things you’ll need to understand if you want to try this sustainable and innovative water-agriculture is the idea of growing mediums. Hydroponics doesn’t use typical soil; however, it does utilize the power of water and specially mixed soilless growing mediums to encourage hearty, productive plants. Soilless mediums are used in place of traditional soil to support the root systems of your plants and retain nutrients in this type of gardening.  Here are a few of our favorites to use for your next hydroponics project. 

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