How to Turn Your Patio into a Stress Busting Oasis

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Aside from the occasional barbeque, do you really embrace your outdoor living space? Yes, your garden may look great, but how often do you actually enjoy it? Whether you have an uninspired simple concrete slab, a toasty deck off your back door, or a tiny apartment balcony, it can be hard to find inspiration to create your dream patio. However, it is possible and not nearly as difficult as you may think. Here are a few ways to ramp up your outdoor living space and take advantage of those warm summer evenings. 

You need something to sit on 

If you have a lone cracked and sun faded plastic chair baking in the heat on your uncovered patio, it’s time to take it up a notch. Invest in some comfortable and durable furniture that fits your space and allows you to relax. Zero gravity chairs are great for a small space or if you want something portable, while patio couches can add an interesting design element and allow you to curl up with your significant other (or your dog). For the ultimate stress-busting seat, consider stringing up a hammock. There is no better place to unwind and relax while enjoying your favorite book. Remember, a patio table with chairs is essential if you plan to enjoy outdoor meals. 

Shade is key

Any uncovered patio or porch will be virtually unusable in the heat of the afternoon and will make your outdoor space an uncomfortable place to hang out. Place an umbrella in your patio table or purchase a shade sail to create an enclosed area. For a really ambitious project, you can install a permanent covering that will also help protect from the rain and other elements and allow you to get even more use out of your patio.

Set the mood with lighting

Now that you have the means to hang out on your patio, you can focus on creating a mood. Twist Christmas lights around any beams or poles, stick tiki torches around the patio, DIY some fairy lights in jars for added ambiance, and set soothing candles out on the table. 

Don’t forget about plants

One of the best ways to create a stress-busting oasis right out your back door is to fill your patio with plants. Find unique and funky pots (just make sure they have good drainage) and get to work surrounding yourself with your favorite plants. Focus on flowers, vegetables, or herbs that grow well in containers such as cherry tomatoes, any annuals, and mint or lavender. Bring in some height and visual intrigue with palms that you can place inside as houseplants for the winter and keep on your patio when the weather is warm. 

Music is a must

If you don’t want to invest in an entire outdoor speaker system, consider getting a portable Bluetooth speaker to bring with you when you’re entertaining on your patio or just for some background music to drown out the road noise and allow you to relax. Remember to always be respectful to your neighbors and don’t blare your music too loud.

Make or buy a fire pit

As summer winds down, the evenings are starting to become chilly. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase a fire pit or make your own. Keep in mind any fire restrictions and city laws regarding firepits. You may want to use an enclosed fire pit for more security and safety. 

Funky outdoor rug

Just as a rug can tie together any living room decor and make empty wooden floors feel cozy, it can also pull together an outdoor living area. Search for weather-resistant outdoor rugs that fit your color scheme to make your patio more inviting and less sparse. 

A little paint goes a long ways

Plain brown concrete is dull. If you want a more permanent change of style, grab a can of concrete paint and go to town. Stick to neutral colors that will fit a variety of decor styles and are easy to cover up if you decide to go in a different direction. 

Do you have any suggestions for creating a fabulous backyard patio? Let us know in the comments below!

-Taylor Ramsey

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